About VenuLocker

VenuLocker was conceived from an idea of two young tennis enthusiasts and technologists with passion for better usability. Through their own experiences of sports venue booking, the pair discovered the need for an ubiquitous booking platform.

VenuLocker aims to facilitate the discovery of sports venues and simplify the process of booking it.

How it works:

  1. Search for your nearest sports venues
  2. Select the court you want to book
  3. Transact with the court for booking confirmation

Done! Now just grab your sports gear and head to the venue.

VenuLocker currently is still in its infancy, we hope you can join us as we continue to make this site better and expand the platform to more and more venues. Long term, VenuLocker aims to become the defacto online directory for sports venues, bookings and to build a community of sports lovers.

Thank you for your support.

VenuLocker Team

Features of the VenuLocker

Mobile Optimised

Cloud Hosted

Single Sign-On

Seamless Payments

Permission Levels


VenuLocker For Your Business

Increase Visibility

Optimise Operations

Attract New Customers

Manage or Start Memberships

Run Reports

Know Your Customers Better

For any questions or sales enquires

Visit the contact us page OR email us at hello@venulocker.com